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How Healing Works

“We all have an innate ability to heal. Body and mind are designed to maintain their health automatically. To do so, all parts of the system are in constant communication. However, under our modern conditions of chronic stress, the brain has trouble keeping track of the millions of functions of normal physiology. Each time we go through trauma, physical or emotional, the brain goes into shock, and cannot manage optimally. To cope with the situation, the brain tends to isolate the trauma. It puts the problem aside until things calm down and the problem can be addressed properly. To protect the entire organism, the brain cuts communication with the damaged part. If things never do settle, these tasks saved for later begin to pile up, and the whole organism suffers – often unable to communicate its own suffering.

I see my role as being a witness for miracles. When I work with people, I observe their potential for healing and growth, their capacity for miracles. I act as a liaison between the body-mind, which knows exactly what it needs for full self-realization, and the brain, too distracted and overwhelmed to handle life’s myriad demands efficiently. To determine which parts are ready to heal, and in what order, I test my own intuition. I then suggest a series of changes to the brain for best results.”

What We Do

We use a wide variety of modalities in our treatments, integrated seamlessly into your session, in the precise order that your organism requires.

Healing Modalities

Healing modalities take into account your spirit and mind. There is no risk in these techniques, as they use the body’s own energy to heal itself.

The human body’s ability to heal itself lies far beyond the physical immune system. The mind and spirit can affect the body in hundreds of different ways. In their highest form, these healing modalities induce the spirit to heal the body. It is the safest and most effective contemporary medicine.

We want to be clear: it is not true that if you are rich or in good health it means that you are more spiritually enlightened or that you are God’s Elect: these are manipulative ways to undermine your self-esteem so that immoral people can get through your defenses when you are in need. This is something that we absolutely abhor.

Happily Ever After

WE have noticed that many of our clients, no matter what issue brought them originally to our door, after working with us for a few months tend to have many deep shifts, including in the sentimental sphere. For this reason, we thought we would offer this as one of our favorite kinds of healing to do. We made this short video about our experience with it, and what we offer you.I knew, and yet didn’t know, obviously, that I was about to find love.
I was very young when I decided to undertake a very demanding spiritual life. I didn’t know, when I started out as a novice, that Zen Buddhism would allow me to have girlfriends, marry, or even have an active and curious sex life. I had thought it would be more ‘Cistercian’.

Heal Your Life

Do you REALLY want to fix your life?

Are you COMMITTED to healing, totally and completely?

Are you ready to INVEST in yourself, time, effort, and money?

Are you willing to put your life on the line and actually CHANGE?

Creating a Family

One of our favorite kinds of work is helping people with creating a family, from all stages.

It helps to have a partner with whom you would like to have children [Click HERE if you would like help finding Love!].

Of course your physical health has to be good enough to be able to have children (again, we would be glad to help make sure everything is in optimal working order, using whatever techniques are most appropriate for your situation).

It may be necessary to do some sessions to assure that the circumstances are right for a new life to come in, sometimes the child is very ambivalent about the whole idea of incarnation.

When you are expecting, we are very happy to follow the pregnancy, which often will give insights into the character of the child (thrilling in itself!).

If you are thinking about having a family but need some help, schedule a free 30-minute call with us to talk about your situation.

Accunect Facelift

What if you could get a facelift, but a totally non-toxic, totally natural treatment, using only your own energy and native physiology – reset back to the way they were meant to work?

What about a beauty treatment that acts from the inside out, restoring the glow of health and joy, without surgical procedures or injections of any kind, that leaves you feeling so happy and relaxed that people at work wonder what happened to you?

What about a facelift that lifts chronic pain, mood and emotional turmoil along with your face?

And what about a series of supplements that actually improves your overall health and immune function, your cellular regeneration and repair?

Click here to talk to us about the various options we offer, from the single session to the 1-day spa treatment to the month-long makeover:

Client Testimonials

Frozen Shoulder

A.L.: I suffer from a frozen right shoulder (periarthritis), causing pain in my right shoulder and upper arm. I had a session with Gay, and she immediately said the problem might be linked to my taking on excessive feelings of responsibility Read more..

Repetitive Stress Injuries

I have been suffering from an acute left shoulder and neck injury over the past two years- the result of overplaying on the violin. As a professional musician, this injury was crippling, as it severely limited the amount  Read more..

Happily Ever After

Today we wanted to present you a testimonial, with a little teaching, to help everyone who is looking for love.I wanted to start by explaining that most people who come to us start out with their lives in turmoil, work, health, everything. So while having a love interest would be nice, Read more..

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